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05-17-2008, 12:36 AM
I had a programmer program me a script similar to grid.orch8.net/ which allows you to create widgets out of any site. He created half of the site but unfortunately does not have time to complete it so i need a programmer who can complete it for me. Here is a link to what is done. http://ojsimon.freesitespace.net/sitewidget

What it needs:
1) to make sure selection tool always works. (fix the bug)
2) To make members area and allow users to save their widget to their members area
3) allow users to output their widgets to sites such as igoogle and netvibes
4) Give the user the option of keeping the style sheet and enabling or disabling java scripts, in their widget.
5) allow the user to customise the color and size of the borders for the widget like in the site that i want this to be similar too.
6) allow the user to select multiple items.

Together for a good programmer who knows both php and js this should only take a couple of hours max. Is anyone interested in doing this freelance?


05-17-2008, 03:08 PM
How can you say it would only take a few hours max when you yourself don't quite know how to do it? I think you are underestimating us. A decent freelancer who is good at both php and js is going to range from 60-100 US dollars PER hour. You've been given offers. If you can't afford those offers then save up more money or hire someone at your own risk with the possibility of them not doing the job properly.

05-17-2008, 03:44 PM
The programmer who did the first part of the programming see above, said there was max of 2 or 3 hours left for and intermediate programmer i didn't just make up the estimate so i dont know. Please tell me if you are interested?