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05-16-2008, 02:10 PM
I may have placed this in the wrong section before, as I wasn't aware of how much it would cost to do the code needed for the below.

Project Details Am looking for a tell a friend script.

1. That doesn't need js at all.

2. Where visitors can use the form to let up to 3 of their friends know about the website page that they are on. Should have sections for the friends names and email address's

3. The website page automatically gets inserted into their forms.

4. The visitor can add their comments to the form.

5. The visitor should be able to enter their own name and email address's

6. The forms get copied to the website owner.

7. There's a short captcha, probably 2 digits and 2 letters.

8. Must be as secure as possible.

9. The form should only visible on the same page and not as a popup, or on another page.

10. On first glance at the page, the form should not be visible, but is then visible on the same page, when someone clicks on the link, that says something like "Click here to send this website page to your friend/s"
(not sure, but this may be DHTML??)

Payment Amount The lowest amount possible

Payment method Paypal

Additional Info No great rush, but would prefer it to be all done within a couple of days.

Can anyone quote a price, either on here or by pm ?