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05-14-2008, 06:51 PM
sorry for the double post guys, Im actually hoping anyone whos seen that I thought I resolved my last post, comes in here and sees I didnt. very very very sorry I need this answered as quick as possible and dont know what else to do

please view

i would paste it in here for u guys but it would get pretty messy.

maybe this will help tho, heres my last post:

I need help with a drop box. Not a button that opens sub menus but I need a drop box like this...here the drop box is dropped down

the ones where u click the little arrow on the right and more options come down

now i know how to create one of those but, how do u make it so, if drop box 1 says "size 1" and drop box 2 says "color:blue" it goes to one link

but if one drop box says "size 1" and the other says "color:green" it goes to another link? thanks so much guys.

<<<<<then i resolved my problem with someone, and came up with thsi problem:>>>>>>>>

maybe not. this works but..its for a site that sells brochures, these brochures have many different options

if i do an "if this do that" for every option, itll take forever and get confusing. what else can i do?

these broshires have say, 3 dif thicknesses, then 3 different fold options, 3 different color options and say ...3 different size options. what can i do to make this easier?

thanks so much

05-15-2008, 01:50 AM
Responded in the other thread.