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02-01-2003, 02:12 AM

i have just made a few pages that alows to
put/get info in a .mdb file.

i just wanted to know IF it possible to make a
new .mdb file (remake) with new tbl's from an
"-page.asp" and copy the old one to another [dir].

i know i simply can change my mdb file in access
but. the purpose is to manage all from a site......

Im new to asp ,(and havnt learnd the limits.....yet).

thx in adv.

02-01-2003, 02:29 AM
I'd take this tutorial to start with (if you can get past the lame references to the early west, you can learn a lot):


You have to start with the basics and understand them before trying to push the limits!

... and this will give you a pretty good basic handle on relational databases... not to mention, when using Access, I still use a modified version of their "query.asp". ;)

It seems that your post was about wanting to make a NEW database, instead of modifying your existing database depending upon the criteria you specify. That's NOT the way to do it. :D

AFTER you master that, check out:


It has a wealth of information - but I would really recommend "Beginning ASP 3.0" by Wrox.com (it's a book) - that will give you a darn good start, if you can master up to chapter 15. :D

02-01-2003, 02:41 AM
P.S. If you feel confident you can skip that, just go to http://www.w3schools.com/asp/asp_ref_filesystem.asp

02-01-2003, 03:01 PM
Thx Whammy!

Very useful link's u gave me.
it gives u a clue here and there....(ok alot of clues) hehe

and i concider if i do really need to create new file,
might work if i could change the "actual post" inside the mdb file.

i know how to add a new, remove an existing. but to change one without giving it a new "place" i dont know.....sound to be easy
but when i dont find any perfect match "tutorial"...

feel like i have to explain the way i wanna make it:

u can register and get a password (done that)
u can post msg if registered (done that)
u get other pages and links when logged in (done that)

u can change "user profile" settings (issue 1..).
u can post replys to a certain msg (issue 2..).

issue 1.....
How to change value of a certain post.
without giving it a new ' id # '
cus when i do this i put all nessercerly info into "session variables" and then delete the post then put the new values back, but then i get a new id # for that post...

issue 2.....
i have no idea how to make this (easy way)
i downloaded a tutorial "forum alike" and that is too much
i dont need it to be like a forum,,just to be able to handle a reply
to a msg,,,,,

My english is not too good eighter so (sorry) for any misspelled words......

thx in adv

02-01-2003, 05:11 PM
You can definitely change the post, look into the SQL "UPDATE" statement. You'll find that in the first tutorial, I believe... :)