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05-11-2008, 12:23 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm working on my first client page and I'm trying to figure out how best to position some images and text.

It's for a landscaping and construction company and I want a portal page where users can choose what type of work they want to see (i.e. fences, landscaping, decks, etc.)

How should I arrange it? I tried here: http://www.allisonwrote.com/aussie/examples.html

...but I'm having problems with the text. How do I get it to center over each image, when the text is of various lengths?

Also, does anyone have any advice about the most user-friendly types of galleries? Should I try lightbox or just use oldschool CSS and html links (where a user clicks on a thumbnail to see a full-size image)? Or something else?



05-11-2008, 01:09 AM
this is one way:

<div class="ic">
<div class="il">
<div class="it">image title</div>
<a href="....">
<img src="..." alt="image title"/>
<div class="ir">
<div class="it">image title</div>
<a href="....">
<img src="..." alt="image title"/>
<div class="cc"/>

.ic { width: ... }
.il { float: left; text-align: center; }
.ir { float: left; text-align: center; }
.it { ... }
.cc { clear: both; }

probably you can make it more simple and adjusted to your need.


05-11-2008, 04:29 AM
I've found this to be really helpful for arranging and centering words with images:

Personally I'm fond of lightbox