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05-08-2008, 09:24 PM
see http://lax4mike.myftp.org:2580/css/imageUnderline.htm

i have these view links that have an icon that indicate that the link will open in a new window.

when viewed in FF, the anchor underline goes under the image, and in ie, the underline doesn't go under the image.

view [ ]

view [ ]

i've already tried

a img {
border: 0;
text-decoration: underline;

i either want it to look like it does in firefox, or look like this:

view [ ]
but i want the space between and the text and the picture to still be part of the link.

any ideas?

05-08-2008, 09:41 PM
have you tried this?

<a href="#">view </a><img src="_blank.gif">

instead of this

<a href="#">view <img src="_blank.gif"></a>

05-08-2008, 09:50 PM
well, i want the image to be part of the link too.

05-08-2008, 09:59 PM
ok, if you are only using the word view, your best bet is too make a background image for the link. Make it to where the boxes will move past the word. Not sure if anyone has other suggestions, but thats all i can think of right now!

05-08-2008, 10:55 PM
Your image has no interest being in the html (has it ?). You can attribute it as background-image and use the title to explain it's open in a new window (if it's the purpose). Something like this:

<a href="#" title="open in new window">view</a>

a {
color: #00c;
background:url(_blank.gif) no-repeat center right

EDIT: Sorry, I've jumped over your answer jcdevelopment; this is what you've said ;)

05-08-2008, 11:01 PM
no problem, you wrote the code out so its better!!

05-12-2008, 06:54 PM
awesome, that did the trick!

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