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05-03-2008, 03:50 AM
I have a gaming site which was coded in PHP and integrated into a custom CMS. A few of the features weren't finished and this is what I need to be done. I need the sections (will state below) coded in PHP, and integrated into the CMS (if possible, not required since others don't like adding to someone else's CMS).

Here is a jpg of how we wanted the front page to look like:

This is what we have done:

So what needs to be finished is the drop down selections in Nerve Damage Roster, Upcoming Matches, and League Information. When you select a game in say the roster section, what I need it to do is change the pictures to be the pictures of that specific game roster. In Upcoming matches, we want to be able to select the game and it changes to the upcoming match for that team. For League info, select a game and it shows the leagues it participates in and the record. All of this is shown in the jpg. For the roster section, when you scroll over a picture, their name needs to show up like in the jpg, this is just a rollover so thats simple. I also want it so the picture is a link, and it links to their profile. These profiles need to be designed as well. Just a simple php which doesn't have to much in it, we can discuss that.

I may have missed a few little details but assuming I didn't please pm me a price quote.

Thanks for your time

05-03-2008, 04:05 AM
The devil is in the details... but I'll send a pm anyway.