View Full Version : Okay serious help needed..can u solve this?

05-01-2008, 05:34 AM
Okay in a nutshell,I am starting another Business and hired a web designer to help. I have 3 other sites I have built but different scripting/language and in Godaddy websight tonight.

This site was built in a Hosting account, he uploaded info and left? Godaddy helps none, so here is the scoop:
1)I have an active site but missing some pages to be worked on
2)I have Frontpage software to edit
3)I have the FTP files that were uploaded & password/log in
4)I cannot figure how to load these files in my hosting account and tie it all together, very confused on how to upload through Frontpage and Godaddy hosting.

Anyone? So much for my designer helping me, he just sent this and wont return my calls~Yes I know FP bites but bot Godadd and him said just get that and it's all easy?

I can edit new pages with Front Page but not old ones or tie them all together

05-01-2008, 08:39 AM
Godaddy probably has some help in their site documentation about how to connect through FTP to your account. I don't use Godaddy, but I'm sure they've got something there.


If you can connect and download the pages, then you can edit any of the existing pages. FTP works both ways.

I would change all of the account passwords if I were you too.