View Full Version : Bring pop-up window to the front

04-30-2008, 08:21 PM
Hi everyone,

I've searched around in the forum on this subject and it seems that my needs vary slightly from others who have solved their problem with pop-up window control.

I'm working on splitting up a spread in a catalog, displayed on the web as 1 large jpg within an HTML page, into hot-spot links that will bring users to a ecomm page for more info (or a potential purchase) on the product they click on.

I'm able to send every page request to the same window by making all the links share the same target, but if this window falls behind the main window, the new pages are loaded behind and may be unnoticed.

What can I do to these hotspots to make them send the page to a pop-up window and bring that window to the front if they're already open?

the catch:
I can't add code to the ecomm pages, they're created dynamically and we literally have thousands of products. If this can be achieved without javascript then I apologize for posting here -- most people dealing with this sort of issue were using JS..

thanks in advance:thumbsup: