View Full Version : Mac <-> PC Font positioning

Daniel Israel
04-29-2008, 03:40 AM
I have an FLA file on my PC (Flash CS3). Looks GREAT. I move it to my Mac (I use a Mac at home) and load it into Flash (also CS3) and the fonts are slightly off (few pixels).

If I compile the SWF on my PC, it looks great on any viewer I've seen (Mac, PC, etc). If I compile on my Mac, the fonts in the SWF are off on any viewer.

You ever seen this? Is there some way to fix?

Thanks for any help/hints.

04-29-2008, 08:34 AM
Are you sure that you have Flash using the same font on both machines? Its possible if your Mac selects a different font face, you will have this issue.

You could embed the font into Flash to avoid this problem too.