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select sires
01-30-2003, 12:29 AM
If anyone has used this or knows anything about it i'd like to hear some opinions.
I'm trying it out right now, it seems interesting enough, but i'm still getting the hang of it.


01-30-2003, 12:43 AM
Two words: Huh? What?

select sires
01-30-2003, 01:11 AM
haha, whoops.
it's put out by softcomplex (softcomplex.com) , i don't know anything about the company or the menu really, but i thought you guys might...
buuuuuuuut maybe not?

01-30-2003, 01:18 AM
A similar menu can be found here:
V4 - http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/topmen4/index.htm
and for past versions of it:
V1 - http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/sm/index.htm
V2 - http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/topnavbar.htm
V3 - http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/topmen3/index.htm

Each version has different styles and different supports. :)

01-30-2003, 11:23 AM
It's not accurate to describe TopNav I,II and III as "past versions" of IV - this is not the case; they are different scripts made by different people, and they all have different benefits. II is the fastest and arguably the most robust (ie, the most forward-compatible, where III and IV rely heavily on browser variables) but it lacks advanced features; III is the most flexible and has the widest browser support, but the script files are comparatively large; IV has the most immediate eye-candy, and is also quite fast, but doesn't work as well in 4-version browsers, and I've found it quite tricky to work with. IMO.

Tigra menu seems good, but it lacks the wider browser support of DD's TopNavs

01-30-2003, 11:59 AM
Your own one bc rules tho... I like it a lot. Pity I am not using dhtml menus.

01-30-2003, 02:46 PM
aw shucks :o

01-30-2003, 03:08 PM
Ah take praise, it rules.

02-05-2003, 11:18 AM
Try also xara.co.uk