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04-25-2008, 05:10 AM
Say I need to change "Members: 4389" to "Members: 32894" but the 4389 number is consistently changing due to new members, how can I have innerHTML keep the members number at 32894 if the members changes to 4389

Do you understand, or do I need to explain more?

Thank you

04-25-2008, 05:18 AM
How is the number of members generated?,,,through variables?..

If you want to keep 32894, why not just hand code 32894 :)

04-25-2008, 05:19 AM
Its PHPBB, I want to change the members from 4389, to 32894.
Would it better easier to update via the database?

04-25-2008, 05:23 AM
I'm confused (nothing new about it) :)

....If you'll need to update the DB, then update...since you want to keep 32894 at all times, but then..I think it's much easier to hand code that number (IMO) :)

...If 32894 is a variable...affected by the number of your members...then don't use that variable ;)

Hope makes sense :)

04-25-2008, 05:48 AM
Yeah it does, thanks. :]