View Full Version : Windows Media Player Problem using Spry tabs in IE

04-16-2008, 06:30 PM
Hi I am looking for any help with this problem I am trying to build a popup media player you can see my start at www.emusic.tv/link.php just click on the pop up this will launch a window about 600x600 the player is built using the spry framework in Dreamweaver CS3 I am using the tabs function.
My problem is when I launch the player it starts streaming video but when I change tabs it keeps on playing but when I check it in FF or Safari it works the way it should by stopping the player and when you re click on the tab it starts playing again I can not seemed to find anything on this problem. I am using a iframe to hold the source of my live video feed I am not sure but can you write a javascript to change the source of a iframe when you click on say tabs two or three this way that should stop it from playing.

Thanks in advance on any help with this