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04-15-2008, 11:00 PM
Hi, I'm thinking of redesigning my website www.msnemo.com , can you guy's and gals tell me what you would change if it was your site? Most importantly is the SEO, cause a higher pagerank is needed if I want to continue this website.

Andrew Johnson
04-15-2008, 11:25 PM
Your top banner with the emoticons is super low res and I think your category avatars should also be links - not just the text.

04-15-2008, 11:39 PM
Well page rank is not exactly what you want to change, but I understand. You want a higher ranking for your keywords. They are different, and not necessarily connected.

I think the general issue is that the site has the feeling of one of those landing pages which happens when you type a wrong address.

Simple things:
remove "Menu" - it is clear what it is.
rearrange your links, put the important content on the top links and maybe hide some of the lesser important ones (Link partners...makes it look like this isn't a legit site IMO)
Don't put the URL as the heading title of the page like that - make it more of a branding event. Perhaps put it in an image with a nice style, to avoid it looking like that landing page.
The adult content...seems a little shady. Not sure how, but could be better done IMO.
Do you need the GOogle Search bar at the bottom? Also gives it that landing page feel.
The font is small when you are describing things, the homepage doesn't do your site justice. It should try to say more about the site, but in much bigger and easier to understand way.
It seems weird to have such a prominent connection to the web msn messenger.
Some of the boxes have dashed boarders, not a big fan of that.
What the heck is with a DIV called tagcloud...why is it there...its not displayed...
Pull every style out of the main HTML document that you can (you have some styles in the Body tag for instance)

Harder things:
The colors are plain. It could use a contrasting color in some places.
Typography: nothing wrong with the font but could be expanded to make it more eye appealing
Keywords: your content is images, which makes it hard to get indexed. Your links need to be properly titled, your images all need better alt tags, your keywords need to be tastefully placed within the actual content of the pages (and in links!) But this is difficult because if you aren't careful it easily looks like a landing page if 'emoticon' is on the page 30 times.

This is a good list to start with. Some of the harder things are more vague, because well books are written on those topics.

04-16-2008, 08:02 PM
He basically said it all ^, but please left-align your headings. As English is a left-to-right language, it's hard for the eyes to go all the way over there, and it looks like there's just a random river of whitespace.

Your header doesn't really look like the start point, if you get me. Also, please raise the quality of that image: it looks simply awful.

More content should be on the front page, as, again, it looks like an ErrorDocument. Perhaps sample content from other pages?