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04-02-2008, 12:02 AM

Hi all,

Iīm surprised to get a warning from WA to do some wrong posting
i have never seen somethiong like that before iīm confused :confused:

So thereīs a thread called "Windows Embedded Player"
Itīs a very long 47 page ! thread and it runs a few years now.
The thread is not closed.
Very recently there have been posts.
The thread is sticky...probably because it is a popular topic.

Yesterday i posted this:

------start of my post--------


My visitor should be able to select several songs from a list
When a "PLAY" button is pressed selected songs will be played


A List with 40 tracks (radiobuttons).


Vistor may select (max) 4 tracks from that list (by selecting 4 radiobuttons)


Vistor clicks on a separate "PLAY" button (gif) and player plays all 4 tracks
(one after the other) in embedded-WMP.

(Optional but will make it perfect)
Next to embedded-WMP is a (gif) button "PLAY IN WINAMP"
wich plays same generated playlist (for better audio).

I have seen it asked here many times over the last 2 years
...but after reading the whole thread 2 times.
...i dont see it answered
...so probably not so easy to do.

Iīm shure many members would be happy to have a solution.
I have searched the net for 5 days know...and an easy solution
is not to be found.

Some solutions deal with "Forms" that speak to "XML-files"
But a beginners to medium-experienced solution is missing
something like HTML/Javascript would be best.


Anyone can assist with a script that generates a playlist
from having selected several songs for from a list ?
(selector may be radiobutton,gif or text)

Preferable it should work with the M3U format.
Should work in as much as possible browsers.

Thanks in Advance !


------end of my post--------

Next the post does not appear.

And i get a PM saying:

-----start of PM-warning from WA-------

Dear mambitocoding,

You have received a warning at CodingForums.com.

Thread hijacking (disrupt a thread by taking it off topic)

Please post your question in a new thread, rather than a Sticky thread intended mainly for discussion of the topic posted by the original poster.


Original Post:

-----End of PM-warning-------

I donīt understand this at all..infact itīs pretty unfriendly
for a new menber to get on his very first posting

1) As said the thread is not closed.
2) My post is very very much on topic
3) Thereīs 47 ! pages of replies, most of them are not answers to previous
questions...instead most are new questions on the same topic.
In the whole 47 page long thread i read nowhere that how i did it is
something non-accepatable...i did just the same.

Can someone explain what and why ?
i did just the same as all others in that thread.

Thanks in advance !


04-02-2008, 01:25 AM
Welcome to CF.

Don't take it personally. WA seems to me to be fair but, he doesn't need me to defend him.

I think it would haveben better for you to start a new thread because it was such a specific question. Whilst related to a media player as was that sticky, you were asking a specific question, which I think warrants its own thread.

After all, you need an answer to it and, for starters, if it's in a new thread more people will read it and you'll be more likely to get a response.


04-02-2008, 03:17 AM

Thanks Bazz,

I´ll take your advice.
...Still i think it was ok the way i posted it.
...Since it is sticky anyone looking for embedded-WMP will go there,
they probably arrive there when Googling for it also (like i did)



04-02-2008, 04:53 AM
I don't see your post as hijacking but maybe he did different. Hopefully he can chime in however PMg him and asking him why he did so may be a better idea.

04-02-2008, 08:47 AM
What bazz said. :) This was what I considered a subjective decision, so I simply gave you a warning. A warning aren't actually infractions, just s "nudge" or "reminder" to do something differently. It doesn't go on your infractions record.

04-02-2008, 12:37 PM
yeh, I don't think you want get an infraction. I don't really have any experience of them but it sounds as nasty as that old phrase - 'school detention' -and other equally horrible things. :D


04-02-2008, 03:24 PM
What bazz said. :) This was what I considered a subjective decision, so I simply gave you a warning. A warning aren't actually infractions, just s "nudge" or "reminder" to do something differently. It doesn't go on your infractions record.
George, just so you know, if you ever read through that thread, questions like mambitocoding's are normal. It's one of those "catch all" threads for embedded windows media player questions that AE has been answering questions to for a couple years now. That's why it's 47 pages long, hehe.