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03-29-2008, 05:51 PM
Hey all, i am Gabriel here from the Coding Convention Association. I am representing the Coding Convention Association as a Developer there. Well, because the association lacks members, i'm here to represent the association. So all, how are you guys? I'll be covering on what the Coding Convention Association is about and take the opportunity to seek your help on completing a mini survey!

Starting from all, about the Association. The Association is basically a team of people who works on building a community that is based on running online exhibitions aka conventions for open source applications. How our community runs? Basically, we work on asking people to create a team of 4 to 6 to work on a project that would be submitted before the deadline where we'll process applications of projects and list them online on the exhibition starting date. It'll last for 7 days or more and when it's closed, online viewers within the start and closing dates would register under one identity to vote on a particular application they like best. We'll rate them in 'overall', 'simplicity' and 'revolution', probably more. We reward winners with fame, because we are an open source community who have no funds to run on. We may however, grant cash that's generated from advertisements around our site to the winners! :o

Ok, the event that runs is called a Coders' Convention. Well, if my point wasn't clear, please do tell me (via pm or here, i'm fine with all just cause this project is my baby - seriously!), i will be creating a webpage for this project soon. Look forward to it all! Although i'm young, some kiddy teenager aged 14, i'm determined to make this successful with a probable team of 12. (we've two members now, including me. One dealing with the graphics section temporarily - Well, we're recruiting! Do PM me if you are interested! [Developer(1/5)|Graphics(1/4)|Content(1/4)] are the available team positions. A maximum of 4 members each except the developer team which would be 5.)

I am seriously keen to know your answer to the survey. It can been seen in the poll in this thread. Sincerely, i hope everyone can answer with their own heart. If you would like to support this project, please PM me your preferred Email and Name. (I have a policy of not disclosing your email to another party for money. I'm determined to make this project a success. The email and name is for emailing you the details of our progress if you are interested) The more email we have, the more confident we are! Not really, we depend on your encouragement as well! If you wish, why not set up a team of 4-6 right now and work on a small web application! Once we release our first version which would start working on the first exhibition asap, you can start submitting your applications. Expected release date would probably be around:

Late July or August!


03-29-2008, 05:55 PM
Could you summarise this post? Sorry,I'm really getting bored!

03-29-2008, 09:17 PM
sorry i'm with abduraooft on this one, i have no idea what you want or why, all i know is i have no idea what button to push after looking at the number of words you used.

03-30-2008, 06:04 AM
No problem and i apologize for making my words hard to understand!

Coding Conventions Association, could be know better as Coding Exhibitions Association, not really an association, but a group of people who come together to fix things like creating an online exhibition for all open source developers to showcase their products. I can understand from that there are many websites like sourceforge showcasing open source applications, however, in our case, it's different. We host your projects provided you complete at least 1/4 before your application entry is submitted otherwise you can host on your own hosting. We'll put your projects online with a password-username protection scheme until the deadline is met, where the exhibition would open. Guest may register in Coding Conventions aka CC to vote on applications based on various criteria, for example, "Overall", "Revolutionary", etc.

For open source communities like Source Forge, they may seek to be part of this exhibition, providing the hosting needed by many new open source developer teams, and we'll showcase projects hosted on Source Forge online. Downloads are definitely available. Under normal circumstances, it would take 7 days for the Exhibition to run and at the end of the 7th day, all votes invalid. At the 8th day, we'll release a newsletter to all voters and open source developer teams on the winners. Prizes will be given accordingly. Coding Conventions will give money that is generated from sponsors that buy advertisement space in the exhibition.

Since it's online, how would booth owners give out flyers? Simply, we put up a system of the developer team, as a team, answer 28 questions that is related to scripting in the forums. The forums are for people all over the world seeking help on their projects, and scripts. After an approved number of 28 answers to the 28 questions they chose to answer, flyers will be sent as a PM on voters' accounts. (not email, we have a policy of not spamming people's email for this exhibition.) We might consider creating a 3D Exhibition in the future, otherwise something that sounds like an online text-based game-like system with images of booths that looks realistic. We'll be working on the plain version 1 first. We try to make much needed features and throw away features that aren't necessary and that, that spoils the feeling of a real-world-like exhibition.

After reading the above, i believe you would be able to submit an answer to the poll above! Good day all! I enjoyed answering questions from all. For your information, Development hasn't started. it'll only start once the survey is done with expected response. once again, thanks all!

03-30-2008, 07:41 AM
Ok that is still really long but I think I get what you are talking about. The part about the 28 questions isn't totally clear to me though.

But the gist:
It is going to be a showcase for open source projects that people can vote on as to which one they like the best?

03-30-2008, 07:51 AM
Ok that is still really long but I think I get what you are talking about. The part about the 28 questions isn't totally clear to me though.

But the gist:
It is going to be a showcase for open source projects that people can vote on as to which one they like the best?

yes indeed. Nevermind, i think i shall give up on this project. It's hard to bring out my meaning.