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01-25-2003, 04:37 AM

how do i detect if there has any error occur, display the error page which manually created instead of displaying error message as below (just an exmaple):
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]General error Unable to open registry key 'Temporary (volatile) Jet DSN for process 0x114 Thread 0x610 DBC 0x13bd024 Jet'.
/include/connection.asp, line 11


please advice!

01-25-2003, 05:02 AM
For 500;100 errors, you could replace the default 500 error page with a custom-made one. You could change the error page in the IIS management console.

01-25-2003, 05:39 AM
i can't do it our site is hosting at hosting company...

01-25-2003, 06:02 AM
Then use the "On Error Resume Next" statement and the Err object to trap the error and if you find any error, redirect the page to an error page of your choice.