View Full Version : Text file import and initialising

03-19-2008, 06:31 PM
I'm pretty new to flash actionscript, but not to coding. I'm actually amending a pre-existing script that reads data from an XML source. I have amended one of the display windows to read text from a remote txt file. The text file is called data.txt and contains:


The action code in the flash app is:

loadVariables("http://www.whatever.com/data.txt", this);

The dynamic text box in the movie has its var as "info". The movie runs in a continual loop. It works fine. It updates the text if the txt file is amended. However . . . .

I wanted to initialise the variable so that if the txt file is inaccessible (perhaps the remote webserver is down), then the field is erased. I tried:

loadVariables("http://www.whatever.com/data.txt", this);

I thought this would initialise the variable, which would then be repopulated by the loadVariables command (if successful). However - this is not the case. The above code displays no text - ever - even if the txt file IS available.

Any thoughts?