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03-19-2008, 10:20 AM
www.Aninma.com (http://www.Aninma.com)
Genre: Anime / Manga
Forum Software? VBulletin
Total number of posts the forum has received? 1xx
Seeking: Admins, Mods, Journalists, Uploaders, Coders, Graphics
Paid Position: Voulenteer.
Why are you requesting staff: Looking For Dedicated ones.

Myself and other members of communities are coming together to make a good, well put, under management, Anime / Manga Community.

The community is in final development currently, but we are recently recreating a team of dedicated individuals, we are looking for those generally who will stick with us if we head into rough waters, where at times it may look like where not doing anything, but yet we are preparing for the open sea out there. and there are alot of possibilites in that sea, we are again looking for those dedicated to the cause, please respect our aim, and if you chose to climb aboard we will welcome you whole heartedly and wish that you become a key aspect of the site.

The site covers everything related to anime / manga, you think of it chances are 99% we got it, we cover the communities needs mainly, suggestions really are suggestions, thinks dont look impossible to us, they look we can do that in a month or so fourth.

We need a team of hard working individual's who can dedicate time, and effort into the project, and not be lazy people, also all staff members regardless of positions should be major moderators on the forums, well atleast take part in it.

The jobs i will be listing are Volunteer Work, depending on the sites revenue structure. For now starting in the development, it will be pure devotion to the cause, furthur in the months, we will most likely be making revenue, each person will get paid for his or her work, and time dedicated to the site, and quality of the workmanship. Through this work you put into you will have gained a reputation, we in the future, might spread into a revenue making site, untill then we are here to create something that has not been created.

The job require's one to be mature, no offense so some of you young ones, and some of you old ones, unless you are truly mature, that means you are respective in all ways, you deal with all members / staff members, in a kind polite manner, you do not be disrespectful, No Profanity, Racism, Nor Sexuality, Etc, will be allowed in ones work and in the community.

As 1 More Note before i list the jobs, this job is more of a Love of the cause, basically Fans for Fans, but any revenue that is profited (we arent trying to profit) will be equally distrubuted to the staff workers. (I mostly want those who love anime / manga, and really devote them self's regardless if site is not getting revenue, or if it is and it is mainly supporting the Communities cause.

[Furthur Details can be discussed by contacting myself, with the provided information in the footnote on the bottom of the page.]*

1.Admins:"Take care of moderator, everything, checking on staff, enforcing rules for staff, takes cares of other matters as in coding / gfx if really needed.
And other things aswell."
2.Leaders:"Lead the Moderators / Staff, set a good example, make sure the community is going smoothly, make sure everything is working good, and in order."
3.Moderators:"Moderate the community, make sure no violations, mods forums for mistakes. checks users profile's, check for anything out of the ordinary or somewhat like a leader, but limited."
4.Coder:"Codes;Php,html,(maybe sql)javascript, etc. [can know any coding language anything helpful, just know what your doing]"
5.Graphic:"Designs sites templates, weekly/biweekly, forums, works for the Graphics department.
6.Journalists:"Gather information, news, anything related to anime/manga, does reviews, information, wiki's etc, articles anything, on anything related to the topic.
All of these require you to work with your Team Leader (which those positions has been filled).

*Please contact me by:
1. Replying to this topic (keep it fresh at the top
2. Email me at: JylesM@yahoo.com
3. Msn me at JylesM@yahoo.com
4. Aim/Yahoo me at JylesM
5. Private message me on this forums.