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raymond ee
03-18-2008, 07:17 PM
Dear all.
I've encountered a big problem in programming simulations, and i am on very tight schedule. Hope some computer gurus can give me advice.

I've set up a 3-D cell of 100 particles. This particles are randomly arranged, and they move around freely.
i then add temperatures on the top and bottom so that the atoms very move according to the temperature

on the display applet, i saw the movements of atoms.. very pretty.
but then, my lecturer asked me to do one more thing which i am stuck

Lecturer SAYS this:
Raymond, i need to see the atom movements with arrows.. that means u have to plot out on a separate diagram, like at time = 0, for each particular atom, what is their next movement in arrow form? the arrow will show the next vectorial direction they will be heading.

i think this sounds a bit chim, but i illustrated in picture form for u guys to see if u can help. basically, i need to find a program that allows me to plot 3d image of the follwing image.
no need to be interactive, just at diff time, what is the vectorial movement

Can anyone enlighten me on the program avaiable???

thanks a million, and i owe u guys one.


03-18-2008, 11:51 PM
What? This isn't a graphic question...is it?

I just don't get what you have already done and what you want to do. Sounds like if you could do Java programming or something you could do this and get the calculations. What the heck is your display applet?

I'm lost, and guessing most of us don't know what you are asking. What is this even for?

More info if you want help...but if you have a lecturer (a teacher?) why not ask them too?