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03-15-2008, 12:54 AM
I got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_get_iv_size()

so I went to google on how to install the mcrypt extension for php (running php 5.2.4 btw)

I installed libmcrypt 2.5.8 trough Macports, and its inside my php folder now, but the function still doesn't work :(


03-15-2008, 01:07 AM
Check your ext folder in your PHP installation directory and see if you have the mcrypt.so file there. If you do. it should be a simple matter of adding(or uncommenting) the line: extension=mcrypt.so in the php.ini file, and restarting your server.

Otherwise you'll have to recompile PHP with support for MCrypt:


You need to compile PHP with the --with-mcrypt[=DIR] parameter to enable this extension. DIR is the mcrypt install directory. Make sure you compile libmcrypt with the option --disable-posix-threads.
You can check to see which extensions you have installed with the phpinfo() (http://php.net/phpinfo) function.

I do not use a Mac so I don't know how good this is, but the PHP download page links to this page, which apparently provides an installer for PHP and misc. extensions including MCrypt: http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/php/

03-15-2008, 01:20 AM
looks like I have to recompile.

I'll install 5.2.5 while I'm at it.