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Mar 14th, 2008, 09:17 AM

im trying to find out why these squares are showing up in the Overview/Strengths/Weaknesses paragraphs... i know it's because of some kind of encoding issue based on what program the writer has pasted his content from, but i need to know how to fix this without making all of our writers change programs.

Mar 14th, 2008, 09:31 AM
What are those square boxes instead?..

Mar 14th, 2008, 09:36 AM
if you read through the Overview on that page you'll see boxes (in IE) where apostrophes and such should be

for example...
"15 TD’s"

Mar 14th, 2008, 09:42 AM
Well, I don't know how it output that weird. See if it still outputs squares.
Try replacing the code from Stats going down to:

<h1 style="margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:2px; padding:0px;">Stats</h1>

<h1 style="margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:2px; padding:0px;">Overview</h1>
<div style="font-size:14px; line-height:20px; padding-left:10px;">Matt Ryan had All-East honors from Tom Lemming High School and All-Southeastern Pennsylvania accolades as a senior QB at the William Penn Charter School. Had 3 All-League (InterAc) selections in HS and his senior year threw for more than 1,300 yards, 15 TD's, and 2 interceptions. And was also the captain of the school's basketball and baseball teams. <br />
Starting College in 2003, he redshirted. In 2004 he was 34-of-71 passing, totaled 350 yards for the season with 2 TD's and 3 interceptions. Bigger year in 2005' Played 10 games as QB, completed 121-of-195 passes (62.1 &#37;) for 1,514 yards, 8TD's, 94 yards rushing, and 5 scores He was ranked 9th in the ACC in total offense with a 160.8 avg. per game. 2006 sees him emerging as a leader, with completing 263-of-427 passes (61.6 %) for 2,942 yards, 15 TD's; 4 rushing TD's and led the ACC in total offense with 242.2 ypg and in passing yards 245.5 ypg. Also in 2006 Ryan received All-ACC first-team honors.<br />
<h1 style="margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:2px; padding:0px;">Strengths</h1>
<div style="font-size:14px; line-height:20px; padding-left:10px;">To some Matt Ryan is the top QB in the draft, mostly due to the leadership qualities he brings to the position. Ryan has a strong arm, solid mobility, and unlike most college QB's can hit his man on the run. He is a leader, knows how to rally his team when down, and will play through any pain or condition thrown at him. His all around build is solid, he is very quick and very athletic. Ryan can create results with ball in hand. Ryan will be a solid QB in the NFL handling the rush, quick on his feet, and strong runner.</div>
<h1 style="margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:2px; padding:0px;">Weaknesses</h1>
<div style="font-size:14px; line-height:20px; padding-left:10px;">Overall his consistency and accuracy suffer some. Typically his poor decisions lead to picks. Scouts will be a little nervous about his ability to make a solid decision under pressure. </div>
<h1 style="margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:2px; padding:0px;">Projection</h1>
<div style="font-size:14px; line-height:20px; padding-left:10px;">Early Round 1</div>
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See if it helps ;)

Mar 14th, 2008, 09:44 AM
umm nope that isnt helping since that content is in a database and i am not going in and fixing apostrophes on 1,300 players lol.

Mar 14th, 2008, 10:36 AM
k i found the problem. encoding should have been latin1 not utf8