View Full Version : Need to Pipe incoming email to PHP script

03-11-2008, 10:47 PM
I'm using cPanel 11 on my website. I'm trying to create one forwarding email account (wx2@mywebsite.com) to pipe into a php script but the pipe isn't calling the script.

Here is my forwarding/piping syntax:

wx2@mywebsite.com to |/home/websitename/public_html/SMS.php

The script is set to 755.

I have other, regular forwards created and mail gets forwarded fine such as for sales, info, etc. to my hotmail account.

Here is the simple test script:

mail('myaccount@hotmail.com', 'Subject', 'Message', 'From: wxod@mywebsite.com');

The script works if I run it from a browser and it works if I run it from the command line in SSH - that is, I get the email message.

It just doesn't execute when the email comes in addressed to wx2@mywebsite.com and piped into this script.

I have other php scripts successfully using the mail() function so that is enabled on the server.

Since the script works from two sources and not as being piped from an incoming email, I suspect the problem is in the piping syntax - I can't think of anything else ???

03-12-2008, 12:24 PM
The script doesn't execute at all? Post the command you use when you pipe it to the script. Have you tried var_dump($argv);, or the return from mail() (http://php.net/mail) or echo()'ing a message?

Have you read the PHP command-line docs (http://php.net/features.commandline)?