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The WEBy Guy
03-06-2008, 10:33 PM

I am a novice using Flash 8 and would like to rotate a camera, similar to what this company is doing on their website: http://motophoto.com/content_demo/window.php3

I do believe I must take some pictures of my digital camera, as it sits on a rotation table, and capture all the different angles to get the desired effect.

My questions are:

1-Am I correct?

2-If I am correct, is there any place I can go on the web to either get these types of shots, or better yet, is there a website that I can go to and either purchase or get the editable flash file for free, so I can make what ever changes I want to do to that flash file?

I am trying to avoid having to create this from scratch. I have been surfing the web for a few days now and have not found anything.

Help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!:)
The WEBy Guy

03-18-2008, 10:20 PM
1. Yes, that would be how you would need to do that if you have a particular object that you need to use. It wouldn't need to sit on a rotation table though. If you do not have one available you can just set the camera on a table with high noon lighting and then move your tripod around the camera. Just make sure you have something (i.e. piece of cardboard) placed behind your object so that it will make getting the background out a lot easier.... then you won't leave the white marks as your example site did.

From looking at your example site, they do not fully rotate the camera, and took about six images.

2. Yes and no. For the photos, it really depends on what exactly you are looking for. I would just do it on your own. For the flash file, it really is not complicated at all. Are you looking for the EXACT effect that they created? If you are I can send instructions on how to achieve that if you like... But you might have better luck learning a little by looking around on flashkit.com or kirupa.com as they have tons of files and ideas.

03-18-2008, 11:43 PM
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