View Full Version : IE7 & Cut & Paste CSS Vertical List Menu

02-28-2008, 01:29 PM

The submenu boxes seem to grow a bit when using IE7.
They're normal when using IE6 or Firefox.

Any hints for correcting this behaviour?

You can observe it here:

02-28-2008, 04:00 PM
they look about the same! Are you concerened about the height? That looks like a padding issue.

02-28-2008, 07:37 PM
Any suggestions how to fix this, tried changing the padding in a couple of places but it really didn't have any effect..

02-28-2008, 07:40 PM
well do you have a link to your site or is it just local?

02-28-2008, 08:23 PM
I haven't published it yet.

Anyway I'm using the code on this page: http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/...icalmenu.shtml

I'd really appreciate if you could help me fix the submenu height..

02-28-2008, 08:30 PM
have you tried making the li a certain height, like putting them at 20px or something aroun d the size of the text?

That might work!! let me know

02-29-2008, 10:02 AM

<li style="height: 25px"> actually made the bars height better. But still the submenu box is the same size meaning that there are now white bars in between of the menu bars:

02-29-2008, 11:14 AM
Did you add the css file from that site?

And where is the code you are using?

Copy it here or, better yet, give us a link to see the actual menu.

We deal in code here, not images.

02-29-2008, 06:09 PM
Now the menu works ok, I had to change this:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN">
to this:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

02-29-2008, 06:16 PM
ahhh, yes, i dint even think to look at that!