View Full Version : File Sharing Web Page

02-22-2008, 08:15 PM
I would like to create a download page with simple buttons, that is very easy for clients to use. Something similar to the imac download pages would be great. This is for clients who, when you say "ftp," get all scared and don't know what to do; when you send them directly to the file list on the web, they also feel confused. The simple idisk download page, on which they find the file they want and click "download," is pretty much what I want to use...only I'm tired of using my imac account to do this, and would love to create something more professional on my company website, instead. Does anyone know of a self-contained app or code that I can load to my domain host account, and provide this to client use? I hate to have to create it myself...or change coding every time I want to add a file. I want any file I put into a folder online to end up with a download button next to it on the list, basically. My abilities run to html, photoshop, and dreamweaver to create simple sites; this feels beyond my talents, unfortunately.