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01-21-2003, 09:07 PM
Let me preface this by saying that a multimedia designer and I had a bunch of exciting design ideas for the redisign of our current site (in my sig), but for one reason or another they were dismissed by marketing department. http://www.nimlok.com/new_site/page1.jpg is what the marketing manager likes and this is what she wants to stick with.
My problem is with the part of the page that is over the grey area. The idea is that those words on the right are product features and when you mouse over them, an enlarged feature will be zoomed in on the exhibit. similar ideea can be seen at http://www.nimlok.com/new_site/CD1.jpg
the thing is, though, that on the cd concept, there is no blank white space like the web page has. wether we move the features to the left and place the exhibit on the right - it does not matter. the white space will always be there. also, on the CD pic you can see a sentence describing the feature displayed. on the site, we are open to having or not having the description text. whatever would work from the design point would be fine. the marketing manager is very fond of the circle thing in which the enlarged exhibit details are shown. we tried to just place those enlarged details in the center of the page (between the exhibit and the featues text), but it looked out of place.
to try and put it all in more simple way: if you look at the CD example (that is a template for the CD design, not the site). we need to create the same kind of effect within the top gray area of the web page (between the yellow lines. but the dilemma is that i am not sure how to lay it out and implement it.
Do you guys have any ideas for me on how to solve this design dilemma?

01-22-2003, 09:45 AM

one option would be a large image of the display, and versions of it with a detail picture laid over it, and some mouseover scripts to swap between them. You could create an image map to make mousing over the display picture itself active too.
Only problem with this setup is the background image shown in the example; this would require transparancy in the display image, meaning gif format, meaning an ugly picture. A solid color background would therefore have preference.
A more challenging option would be to have the display image be the background image and dynamically placing detail images over it using DHTML (can be done). This places more restrictions on the browsers that are able to show this effect, though.

Update: concerning the fore-mentioned transparency issue, this article may be of interest: ALA: Cross browser variable opacity with PNG (http://www.alistapart.com/stories/pngopacity/)

01-22-2003, 04:16 PM
thanks a lot! you had some wonderful ideas to give me! :thumbsup:
i guess i did not word my question clear enough, as my biggest dilemma was for a layout, but i think we finallt found a solution for that. we rae gonna move the feature list to teh left and place the booth in the middle. then the feature description will appear on the right.
i see what you're saying about the bg image. you made a very very good point. with a plain background, i feel, the design is as boring as it can possibly be. :( we'll see what's gonna happen to it.
thanks for the help!

01-22-2003, 05:14 PM
Glad i could be of assistence. Do keep us posted what you guys ended up with; i'm getting rather curious... ;)

01-22-2003, 05:26 PM
well, for now here's how we repositioned the exhibit and the features: http://www.nimlok.com/new_site/page2.jpg and when a feature is highlighted it wuld look like this: http://www.nimlok.com/new_site/page3.jpg
for some reason i still like our current web site much better then the new design, though :( the current design does not go well with their new 'corporate identity' - they are changing the look of all of their materials, so the web site needs to change as well. i feel we had so many 'cool' ideas, that marketing department just would not buy. i know it's not my own web site after all, but i feel like it is my face out there and i'm not sure it looks all that nice. :(

01-23-2003, 10:02 AM
I would have to see the final web version instead of a jpg, but I think your new design look great, in fact I like it better then the current version! But that's personal of course; I'm just not keen on big animated buttons, and curvy lines like in the header are a bit... well, passť. Don't worry then about that new design; don't forget it's a corporate web site, those have particular demands.