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01-20-2003, 05:24 PM
Hi everyone :) I used to post here ages ago when the old forum was up, so a few ppl may remember me!

I have a few questions about UK-USA domain and webspace purchasing.

Im doing a site for a friend in the US (Im in the UK) and they want to buy a .com domain, some webspace, but for it to allow both me and them in two different countries to upload to it. They also need a lot of space and bandwidth as it's a photography site so a lot of images are going to use up the space and bandwidth fast!

In the UK I can get a .com with unlimited space, unlimited email, and unlimited bandwidth for a very low price, but in the US Ive no idea what to advise them to get. Anyone have any ideas?

I suggested they get a domain with forwarding, and I upload to a free site here in the UK, but now they are being fussy and they want to be able to upload to it aswell, which wouldnt be possible with the packages I know of (freeserve, freeola etc).

Can anyone help?! I dont know what to do! The only alternative for them is to go to a company and have their site done in the US, which will cost them a fortune for what they want.

Thanks :cool:


01-20-2003, 05:31 PM
Well if you go for a "proper" hosting solution, it will cost, but not very much. And, you will have all the facilities you need.

The trouble with stuff like freeola and freeserve is that they are ISPs and what they offer does not compare to a "proper" package.

For instance freeola will only allow you to connect with the UK phone line that dials the freeola number. Similar for freeserve and most other ISPs, so bang goes the US access.

There are many good, cheap hosts around and I would recommend that you look for one before considering freeola etc.

If you want, PM or email me and I can give you some more specific advice, and tell you what I offer etc. Quality hosting does not have to cost the Earth! lol :)

::] krycek [::

01-21-2003, 11:56 AM
I would go with agora, but if you want to go for the fullworks, and want real quality hosting head towards www.beyondinfinit.com

They do what they say, and they have some awesome offers.

To get into the site, you need to click on the low bandwidth version, seeing as the high bandwidth version is still under construction.