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02-09-2008, 06:41 AM
Hi everyone,
I have provided a short description on the working of SAX API. Please feel free to add your own views on this thread.

SAX uses classes & interfaces defined in the SAX API to process an XML document in the form of a stream of data. The SAX API also defines various event listeners that notify the SAX parser of events, such as the start of document, end of document, start of tag & end of tag. The SAX parser notifies your SAX application each time the SAX parser recognizes any syntax constructs in the XML document that is being parsed. The notification is done by means of callback methods, such as startDocument(), characters(), or endDocument(). These methods are defined by handler interfaces, such as ContentHandler, DTDHandler, ErrorHandler, & EntityResolver. U need to implement the handler interfaces in the SAX application & overide the callback methods to receive notification of parsing events.