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01-27-2008, 08:30 PM
Evening everyone

After hours of banging my head against a brick wall with this little problem, I have lost the will to live and hope someone can come to my rescue!

I have a flash movie that scrolls text in a dynamic text field when the mouse hovers over the up and down buttons.

The text is linked via an external .txt file, is styled using html and an external style sheet, and I have embedded the necessary font files - Arial, uppercase, lowercase, numerals and punctuation.

It works just as it should and would be 'job done' IF it I could get the symbol to display, but I CAN'T! :mad:

I've tried using '£' and with a semicolon but this doesn't solve it either. I've run out of different way to google for the solution and so now defer to your good selves whilst I go and mutter to myself quietly in the corner of the room for a while.

Answers here, by email, on a postcard, by carrier pigeon, semaphore, ANYTHING will be much appreciated :D

Many thanks

01-27-2008, 11:27 PM
Try to use this:


Which will fool Flash (I think) into thinking you have entered this: £

Let me know if that works!

01-28-2008, 12:40 AM
It's fixed! :D

(sorry Jeremy it wasn't your suggestion, when I tried it it just displayed £ but thanks for replying to my plea for help :cool:)

For a change of scene I worked on another page that also had a sign in it, but I copied the text from a web page I'd already written and put on the net and pasted it into Notepad - when i ran the new swf, lo and behold! there was the elusive !

I went back to the original page that was causing the heartache and quickly wrote it out in Word, copied that into Notepad and linked it to the .fla file...and there was the sign.

Something only ever written in Notepad = no s, so Notepad seemed to be at the root of it.

Quietly minding its own business underneath the Save As field is a drop down menu of encoding options that defaults to ANSI...change it to UTF-8 and I end up with more s written with Notepad that display in swf's than I could ever wish for! :rolleyes:


01-31-2008, 09:55 AM
I was tickled when I read 'carrier pigeon'. But did you really say semaphore? Thats great! Glad you have it figured out.

02-04-2008, 10:19 AM
...But did you really say semaphore?

I was w-a-y past desperate that evening!

It all seems like so long ago already :D:rolleyes: