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01-21-2008, 01:46 PM
has anyone managed to do this?

google says it cant be done

01-21-2008, 02:46 PM
has anyone managed to do this?

google says it cant be done

uh?? Where does it say that?

It has been done. I need to try to do it but haven't actually got around to it so I don't know the exact position with regard to whether it has to use a specific airtime provider and such-like.


01-21-2008, 03:47 PM
You could use a gateway such as tm4b (http://www.tm4b.com/) to send texts for you

01-21-2008, 03:49 PM
You basically use your personal or business mobile number and use that via an SMS API gateway. There are lots of free gateways out there, eg http://www.txtlocal.co.uk/, but the catch comes in having a network contract cheap enough (or with enough free minutes) to be able to run the messages from.

01-21-2008, 03:59 PM
Or you can use someone who uses an API, such as www.clickatell.com, then you just get PHP to form a URL for you which gets submitted when you click submit and it goes through the internet, through clickatell to the mobile phones.

01-21-2008, 06:35 PM
Another SMS company I've found (but haven't used) is SMS Everywhere ( http://www.smseverywhere.com/ ).

01-22-2008, 04:08 AM
If you want to let your users choose their provider from a list, using PHP to email one of these (http://www.livejournal.com/tools/textmessage.bml?mode=details) email addresses will do the trick.

01-22-2008, 05:10 AM
PHP will proccess whatever info you give it, but it doesn't have the power to send an actual sms. There are companies that have their crap set up that will take a sms from a pc and send it into the actual cellphone. Those charge per sms something like 1cent a sms. The big companies rely on ads hoping that one click of an ad will generate more.

Us small companies use API and cheat our way :p

09-26-2009, 07:06 AM
how can it be done if I want the sms not using others gateway?
I want to use my own mobile "SIEMENS C55" instead of it.

It's Successful using "Gammu", but still have bugs, the sms no alert and only works on Mysql. :(

09-26-2009, 11:08 AM
if your doing it with your own phone and a data cable its a 2 step process.

php website stores sms to send in a db table to number and message.

then every 60 seconds say you have a background process running on the server which reads that message and and control the phone to send. This software would be typically written in c/c++/c#/java something that can control serial interfaces and such

Now Nokia used to have a wap application gateway server years ago (don't know if they still do) that allowed you to do just that and also allowed others to dial into your pc using your mobile number and it would then serve up pages from the site too as well as allowing sending/receiving of sms's. it was written in java and was easily extendible. perhaps something like that exists already for your phone.

though personally i'd go down the cheaper route of getting an sms gateway provider. there's quite a few out there where all you need to do is send an email to phonenumber@smsgatewayprovider.xxxx

and it'd do the rest for you