View Full Version : Drop-down sections for content?

01-19-2008, 04:45 PM
For my site which i'm building - http://www.josephlavington.com

...I was wondering if it would be possible to only display 5 items under each heading (as there are under the first section), but to have a 'Show All' function whereby the section expands to reveal other entries.

Does that make sense? The only example I could remember is on a domain search site: https://www.34sp.com/order-domain.php?domain=billgates&tld=.com&flash=1
If you click on say 'North American Domains' it shows all the entries in that section. This is a similar functionality to what i'd like to achieve.

So - is this possible, and would you recommend it? And if so, with CSS/HTML in a proper way that conforms to proper standards (ie. I don't really want tables, Flash etc.).

01-19-2008, 07:36 PM
Yes, it's certainly possible, but not with HTML and CSS only. HTML is only a markup language (says what the content is); CSS is a presentational language (says how the content looks).

If you want the content to do something, you need a behavioral language, in this case, Javascript.

There's a few lightweight frameworks that have this sort of thing built right in; try Mootools (http://mootools.net) if you're new or jQuery (http://jquery.com) if you've got a handle on Javascript already. If you want to "roll your own" I'll move this to the JS forum for you.