View Full Version : Interlacing CSS and ASP question

01-10-2008, 02:27 PM

I have the following snippet of ASP script which needs tidying up with a little help from CSS. The problem is that I am not too sure where to start tidying it up.

myMail.Subject="Your message to company name"

myMail.HTMLBody="Your message." & vbcrlf & vbcrlf & _

"Please do not reply to this email" & vbcrlf & "<br><br>" &_

"<B><font face='verdana' size='2' color='navy'>Full name:</font></B> " & sname & vbcrlf & "<br>" &_

"<B><font face='verdana' size='2' color='navy'>Email</font></B>: " & sEmailAddress & vbcrlf & "<br>" &_

"<B><font face='verdana' size='2' color='navy'>Business</font></B>: " & sbusinessTitle & vbcrlf & "<br>" &_

"<B><font face='verdana' size='2' color='navy'>Country</font></B>: " & sCountryName & vbcrlf & "<br>" &_

"<B><font face='verdana' size='2' color='navy'>Message</font></B>: " & MessageTitle & vbcrlf

How would I begin to remove the following line and replace it with CSS:

<B><font face='verdana' size='2' color='navy

and how would I apply CSS to the text message after the two top lines (myMail.Subject and myMain.HTMLBody)?

At the moment it all looks a bit cumbersome and I would appreciate some guidance, please.

Many thanks.