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01-10-2008, 01:21 AM
I have a session which is created mostly, by perl scripts. The only php file I have is index.php.

Sessions work perfectly in perl but I am having trouble accessing 'sessionStartTime' using php.

Can any of you php whizz's give me a pointer please?

here is the code which I have already been helped with here and it seems to work fine with no errors in the logs but, it can't find 'sessionStartTime', which I know has been defined by the perl scripts.

if(isset($_SESSION['sessionStartTime'])) {
$sessionStartTime = $_SESSION['sessionStartTime'];
echo "sessionStartTime = $sessionStartTime<br />";
} else {
echo "sessionStartime has not been defined";


01-10-2008, 01:47 AM
For a session to be sharable between perl and php, the session data file location and names would need to be the same, the data format in the session data file would need to be the same, and the session cookie name (probably is the same) and value would need to be the same. Have you confirmed that all of these conditions are the same?

01-10-2008, 11:21 AM
Thanks you.

I'll look into how to fumpl the data and see how they two session files compare.

How do I find the session filename and location in perl?