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01-09-2008, 09:37 PM
I'm not new to coding in xhtml/css but This is the first site I've coded in more than a year so I forgot alot.

If you go www.thriii.com/ping u can see the site im working on.

I have a couple problems and I'm hoping someone can help me plz!

1. first is the menu. I just forgot how to get it the way I want :confused: I'm trying to get it to look like this
its simple. but I couldn't figure it out so I just moved on to the rest of the site because I was frustrated.

2. the section in black went well and is displaying ok, but if you see on the left where it says Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Stories/everything in that table that is bold, its not displaying in the right color for some reason. It's suppose to have the same color as "house1" and I think i did the coding right so that just has me confused.

3. coding this section on the right
I would like this to be on the right side of the text but Don't know how to do it at all since I'm not too familiar with tables. (don't know if I would do that in tables?)

4. last problem section being the text in the white section.. I don't know how to get it to wrap around the section to the right (the section I need help with in question 3). Some of the descriptions are going to be very long and it has to be on the left side of the image as waell as flow under it so it wont be in a column down the whole entire page.

5. Should I worry about coding for IE6? If I should, I was going to code for all the current browsers and then fix the problems after (which I would need help with) so I don't know if its something I should worry about or not

would be very very grateful is someone can help me with this, been working on this one page for a day which is very slow for me, but like I said I haven't coded in over a year :(

Thx 4 readin

01-09-2008, 10:13 PM
Hello efhx,
Only time to pop in for a second...
I'm sure you'll get plenty of help here though.

Here's the first one
That may be your "main menu" but you've named it #menu. Try

#menu ul {
#menu li {
float: left;