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01-09-2008, 05:32 PM
jI ust wanna seek some idea on how to do filtering /searching... i have this code

== <a href="#.html"> Search</a> ==
that when I click this, below will appear this....
=== <select name="search">
<option value="Department">Department</option>
<option value="Hard Disk Capacity">Hard Disk Capacity</option>
<option value="Operating System">Operating System</option>
<option value="Processor">Processor</option>
<option value="Serial Number">Serial Number</option>

now my problem is.. I do not know how to do that when I choose for example the Operating Systemanother select option will appear and will display the data about the search I made..anyone can help me please!!


01-09-2008, 07:20 PM
Because you posted in the PHP section of this forum,
I'm assuming you want to use PHP?

Do you have any PHP script started yet?

I'm thinking that you're looking for some sort of dynamic "drill-down"
list that changes with each selection. PHP would be a good choice.
With PHP though, you would have a screen refresh when items are clicked.

Maybe a combination of PHP and Javascripting would make things smoother.

Also, make some decisions like:
1) Will the select boxes "fan-out" on the same page?
2) Will the next select box overwrite the previous select box?
3) Navigation to go back to the previous select box?

How it will all look.

I guess if we saw the web page where this appears,
that might give us some better ideas too.