View Full Version : How to show tooltip in the option tag in Safari

01-08-2008, 01:40 PM
Hi All,

I am in a big trouble. i am having a multi select something like this

<select id="id1" name="selectName" multiple="multiple" size="24" style="width: 228px;" onclick="addBttnHilight()" ;="">
<option title="Budget Legislation" value="297767" id="297767">
Budget Legislation
<option title="Budget Materials" value="297764" id="297764">
Budget Materials

Now what i want to do is when a user hover the option text it should display some text(which is set by me). I tried to do it by specifying that text in the title attribute of option tag as shown in the above code. It works fine in Mozilla and IE 7 but its not working in IE6.0 and Safari browsers. Can anyone please help me.

Thanks In Advance