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01-16-2003, 05:30 PM
I want to place a number of Word documents on a CD. These will be categorized in seperate folders. I want to place a web structure on the CD to allow user's to easily locate these documents.

I know it would be easier to have the client use Explorer to find the documents, but they have asked for a Web Interface.

Any leads would be appreciated

01-16-2003, 08:38 PM
you want to put an html document in the CD?

Alex Vincent
01-16-2003, 08:47 PM
It's a rather interesting request. Particularly since HTTP treats folders the same way Windows and Linux do. The only difference is the slashes between folder names in HTTP are forward, and in Windows they're backward. I don't know about Unix slashes.

In this case, you won't even need HTTP. You'll need the file:/// pseudo-protocol. No special structure needed either.

01-17-2003, 03:13 AM
just do it the way you would if you were making a regular website. lets say you make a main.html file and you have folders on the desktop one called help another called stuff etc...
you open the main.html in a webbrowser viewning it localy
you get thsi in the address bar right


and for the cd depending on what there drive is called

or somthing similar depeding the settings on your computer.
lets say you want to link to a help file called downloadingsupport.html that is located in the help file on your desktop all you have to do for the link is
<a href="help/downloadingsupport.html">Download Support</a>
and the the file loads .
the same would work if you wanted to load somthing in the folder called stuff. the only thin i can't get to work is getting out of the folder. say your in stuff and you want to get out to get a doc called secret.txr in another folder called private i tryed using a simple link syntax of

<a href="/private/secret.txt" >Secret</a>

but it wouldn't work like it does on the web thats why
i suggest making an iframe or frames for the main.html or whateever you decide to call it .
it would be easier to load the folders and files

i have a couple sites on cd because i needed to make them for a school project so i could present it. i used an iframe for mine.

:thumbsup: hope this helps