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01-07-2008, 04:13 PM
I'm trying to see if there is a good open source PHP / MYSQL based set of scripts that would allow us to deploy a Community Directory Website
The concept is that for the user, it would be rather like a classified adds site, with either a drill down hierarchy, and / or a key work search based on service / advice wanted, geographical area etc, buildong a list of possible organisations (shopping cart ?) and then print out / email the results, with links to websites / online 'contact us' forms etc for the organisations.

For data maintainers we want to focus on building in automation of updating the information on the site, in effect on a regular bases, the system emails the contact address for the organisation to get them to update the information, or confirm that it is correct. If they fail to do this it would them be automatically escalated to a 'sponsoring' or 'parent' organisation, and if both fail to respond the entry could be automatically hidden / removed.

We would like to do this within open source software so that it could then be made available to other organisations / authorities, does anyone have any suggestions of an open source package that could be adapted to do this, rather than us looking to doing it from scratch.

01-08-2008, 02:27 AM
Hmm, don't keep too much on top of the open source script available, but maybe try a search engine with the criteria 'free search classified php script'. Maybe you'll get lucky ;)
On a side note, I'm writing a program for a client that tags images with a hierarchical style search with a group of partners. We are writing this in FLEX, and will integrate all the features you are asking for. Unfortunately, the source will never be available since its being done though an educational institute.
Good luck on your searching though!