View Full Version : ajax'ed php code - echo puts up alert box?

01-07-2008, 12:39 AM
nevermind... the alert, was, of course, my own...

For 6+ months I've been writing code that includes lots of php ajax responding code that would return answers by doing an echo. The resulting string would magically end up in "http.responseText" for access by javascript code. Out of apparently nowhere (I know there's no such thing in programing but it feels that way sometimes), instead of an "echo" placing the string in the http object, it's being displayed on the screen in the form of an alert box! What's up with that? I crawled through the code and there's nothing I can see that's making this particular php ajax responder behave this way. I can even change the text in the echo statement to verify that the echo statement is, indeed, what's putting up the alert. Ok, what am I missing?!?