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01-06-2008, 10:59 PM
hi guyz,
i need some help with vertical list menu....
this menu is to the left side and when we take the mouse on to the menu ...it should display a sub menu....as of now i have a css file in my code and i googled for vertical list menu codes ...but all have diff css files which is messin up my code....
i dont want any otherstyling sheet..coz its messin up my code...can some one help me with this ..so that i can put a sub menu where i want without addin any style sheets...thanx

<span>Products & Services</span>
<a href="products.html">Products</a>
<a href="uni_iden_arch.html">Unified Identity Architecture</a>
<a href="key_features.html">Key Features of UIA</a>
<a href="benefits.html">Benefits of UIA</a>
<a href="indust_standards.html">UIA and the Industry Standards</a>
<a href="clients_problems.html">Clients Problems</a>(this is where i want my sub menu)
<a href="simpl_solutions.html">Simplified Soutions</a>
<a href="achieving.html">Achieving Solutions using UIA</a>