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01-01-2008, 05:34 AM
Hello, I've looked ALL over the internet for a solution for this, but I just couldn't find ANY.

I'm trying to get an image uploader script for my comic website. Just a very simple script that uploads image and adds it right to the homepage. A multiple image upload should be required?

Heres the basic idea:


If there are multiple parts to a comic, I can upload multiple images in a chronological order.

Are there any solutions to this?


(I'm sorry if the details are bad)

01-01-2008, 05:59 AM
You're going to have to make your own PHP script.

Choose whether it will use MySQL or a flat-file text database.

How many images or pages will there be?
Will there be an archive that would require hundreds of pages
in a couple of years?

How many people will be uploading, and can everyone use
the same password?

All of these things will dictate using MySQL or not.


If it were me, I would actually use WordPress for your project.

You would need to customize the "look" of course ... you would need
PHP, CSS, and HTML knowledge. WordPress is pretty much freeform,
so you could add images, edit, move them around. It has the archive
features and all of the admin stuff. People can comment on the comics too.
It would automatically have RSS features so people could see when you
make updates.

... and WordPress is free.