View Full Version : IFRAME issue - Back button loads wrong source

12-31-2007, 02:47 PM
Hey all, any insight to my problem would be fantastic,

I have searched a long time on the internet looking for a solution to my problem, but I cannot come close and I do not believe that my google-fu is that bad.

I have a page that contains a good many iframes - due to the nature of constant updates across many different users, and due to a corporate standard already in place, this is unavoidable. While I don't think pages should have any iframes at all, it's what I have to deal with.

Anyway, the page has for lack of a better phrase - a crap load of iframes. We have run into issues with several users when they click the back button, one of the other iframe's content appears in the wrong iframe. The src has not been changed - it's just loaded in the wrong spot. The only thing I have come up with so far is a possible caching issue, it is the only thing that makes any sort of reason. I believe it is only an IE problem as well.

Has anyone ever run across this problem before? My pre-reply thanks to you.

12-31-2007, 03:33 PM
Is it possible for you to do a site map to see where each page starts and what subpages may stem from them? I think you can do this in Visio. This may help in troubleshooting the issue.

12-31-2007, 03:41 PM
There aren't really subpages - it's a homepage that uses the iframes that act as content updaters. It doesn't load any "subpages" or anything like that - when a user clicks any links that the content may hold, they go to a new page instead of changing within the iFrame. The problem is the fact that when the back button is clicked - one of the other iFrames gets loaded twice. Once in it's rightful spot, and once in another seemingly random iframe.

My apologies if it sounds confusing. I'm confused myself.