View Full Version : tweak manager in browser webapp?

12-30-2007, 04:44 AM
I have searched far and wide for a simple utility that does nothing more than:

1. allow me to have a library of registry tweaks.
2. ability to add/remove/edit tweaks
3. ability to save tweak profiles (preset combinations of tweaks)
4. export profiles into a .reg file (optionally with or without comments)

every project that i have run into that seemed promising has stagnated...notably: regtweakage.net and Registry Tweaker. All other programs do way too much, are not free, have a nasty GUI, and cannot do all of my required features, and are not portable.

is there a way without running server side scripting that would allow me to modify files i open locally using javascript. eg. tweak database file or tweak profile.

also, any way simulate SSI includes...maybe with an AJAX window.onload event that would request the above noted files and load them into a div element or something similar?