View Full Version : Image Hosting and School Web Filter

12-28-2007, 03:49 AM

I am coding a web page for my high school drama department. I have the majority of the work done, however I have run into problems with the image gallery that they want me to build.

It is supposed to use a SOAP interface with Flickr (I was thinking NuSoap, due to past experience with it) to look at all the different albums we have and dynamically generate web pages with images on them from each album.

So far, it sounds ok, right?


My school blocks Flickr, and so far, Flickr is the only image host that I have found that allows developers to access it with a SOAP interface.

No for the question:

How can I either a) get around the school web filter via PHP script (it's the Barracuda web filter, if it matters), or b)build the image gallery so that if the image cannot be displayed on the client, a peice of Javascript or something will take over and put up a "No Image Available" message or something.

Some of you may be asking "Why not just put the images on your webhost? That would simplify things greatly."

Answer: bandwidth.

Thanks in advance, everyone.