View Full Version : javascript calculate elapsed time & update field

12-27-2007, 03:28 PM
bassicaly i want to dynamicaly update a field on a form based on a calculation between 2 fields.

the following form is the admin form that the admin uses to edit records.
my form is as follows:

Departure Time: 10:00:00 2007-12-12
(HH:MM:SS YYYY-MM-DD) **Follow Format on left**

Arrival Time: 12:00:00 2007-12-12
(HH:MM:SS YYYY-MM-DD) **Follow Format on left**

Total Minutes: 120

Total Minutes is from the form on the frontend of the website is submitted, where it is calculated then put into the database

what i need though is the "Total Minutes" field to update to reflect the changes made to "Arrival Time" or "Departure Time"

e.g. if i change "Departure Time" to 11:00:00 2007-12-12 then "Total Minutes" changes to 60.

btw i have minimal knowledge of writing javascript.

any help would be greatly appreciated