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12-16-2007, 04:16 PM
Hi, I'm looking for a web hosting software.
It has to follow the requirements of:
has the ability to offer different plans
For a while there will be only one plan that will be free with ads, one Google adsense ad to both the top and bottom
When I turn 18 the other plan will be for 2.99 a month (probably) that gives 1GB restriction, and offers FTP, MySQL, PHP and if possible Perl.
Obviously from the before requirement, it has to be able to give a restriction of how much room (1GB) a user can use.
It has to be for Linux (no-duh), since I'm dedicating this on a LFS machine.
The payment has to go through paypal or some other middle man, I don't want to be taking direct payment methods.I already have my own ways to have support (only two people though, with forums and chatroom), so I don't need a integrated support with the software.

I looked through a few hosting softwares at sourceforge, and I seemed to like Xpanel the best. Although I'm checking if anyone has any higher recommendations for free hosting software.