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12-14-2007, 01:20 AM
1. i got a material table wich contains the article number, a quantity input field, a max quantity field... How can i test that the input quantity is less than the max quant one ?
2. The max quantity field has to be invisible so i have a hidden attribute for it. The problem is that the table shows an empty column instead of nothing. Is there a way to hide the column to ?
Here is a sample of my code :

<table id = "visu-table">
<th>Article N.</th>
<th>Article descr.</th>
<th>Art. Quant COL</th>
sort palettes.
cpt = 0.
Describe table palettes lines sizePalettes.
loop at palettes_out into wa_pal.
cpt = cpt + 1.
<td>&nbsp<input class="gris" type="text" name="matnr" value="<%= wa_pal-matnr%>" size=5 maxlength=18 onFocus="return clifirst()"></td>
<td><input class="gris" type="text" name="maktx" value="<%= wa_pal-maktx%>" size=40 maxlength=40 ></td>
<td>&nbsp<input type="text" id = "qtePal<%=cpt%>" name="qtePal" size=8 MAXLENGTH=8 value=""></td>
<select name="qual">
<option value = "No info">No info</option>
<option value = "Good">Good</option>
<option value = "Average">Average</option>
<option value = "bad">Bad</option>
<td>&nbsp<input type="text" id="comm<%=cpt%>" name="comm" size=20 MAXLENGTH=30 value=""></td>
<td>&nbsp<input type="hidden" id="qtColl<%=cpt%>" name="qtColl" size=20 MAXLENGTH=30 value="<%= wa_pal-zqtpal%>"></td>

Thanks a lot

rnd me
12-14-2007, 02:10 AM
Is there a way to hide the column to ?
Thanks a lot

not really, no.

you would need to fix it at each row.
some browsers support column CSS, but in my experiences it is flaky, and any row styling over-rides it.

12-14-2007, 08:11 AM
Thanks for the reply.
Any clue for the comparison ?