View Full Version : IE6 column layout problems

12-13-2007, 07:41 PM
Hi Folks,
I got most of my other issues worked out (for now) but now I'm having a weird problem with my main and left columns again. I'm trying to get my little store online and I just added related products which causes the store to insert a new table. the related products cause #content to clear the leftwrapper so everything is pushed down on the page. This keeps happening in one form or another

example page of the problem is here:http://pinkgolftees.com/p-86-ame-lulu-bamboo-cosmetic-bag.aspx?skinid=1

firefox works as it should.

can anyone suggest a way for me to do my #content div so that no matter what gets put in it the layout won't change except within the #content div?

I'm attaching both my css sheet and the template file that drives the whole site.