View Full Version : dragging multiple images Walter Zorn wz_dragdrop

12-13-2007, 11:33 AM
Hi all,

Im trying to move several images together like with map engine - small pictures 200 width 200 height displayed together without borders or padding create a map view. Im using Walter Zorn library wz_dragdrop.js my working example is on http://franki.eu.org/wz/static-wz.html the problem is:
when you try to click on two different images and move everything very fast, one image, and then another then you will get an error which can be similar to this one: http://franki.eu.org/wz/wz-problem.png
One object is disconnected from the group, and the error from wz_dragdrop is displayed in YAHOO.log after this everything gets even worst, you can try.
So I think that there is race condition between two function: my_PickFunc and my_DropFunc (they are predefined empty in wz_dragdrop)
I think one function is called before first will end, thats why the problem is.
Can anyone give me some solution?